Susie is a miracle worker! I booked a massage for a couple of days after I'd moved house and Susie certainly eased away the stress and sore muscles. I'd definitely recommend her and am going to be making a regular booking!

Susie is amazing, quite happy to tailor your massage to your requirements. Having recently undergone a muscle graft from my back, Susie concentrated on some scar massage to help healing whilst relaxing the rest of my back that had tensed up.

I had the most amazing upper-body massage with Susie this evening. Back, shoulders, neck, head, arms & hands. I feel totally weightless after such an amazing treatment. I can't remember the last time I reached that point of relaxation. 

Lovely upper body, head & neck massage. Having never had a head massage, I was surprised how wonderfully relaxing that part was... I suffers from insomnia and that night I fell asleep straightaway and had a fantastic solid nights sleep. 

Was treated to a wonderful facial and head,neck and shoulder massage. Susie made me feel completely relaxed and for the first time in forever my mind was cleared of the usual stresses and worries.

This is my 2nd time of experiencing Susie's wonderful Ayuredic Facial. WOW!  The whole experience is relaxing and yet invigorating at the same time - I feel less stressed and because the massage includes areas on the head and neck, as well as the face, a lot of built up tension has been released. I had been feeling very lethargic and irritable for weeks before the massage, but I now have more energy and the skin on my face, which previously looked tired and dull, is still glowing beautifully since my massage 2 days ago.

Just had a wonderful massage with Susie, she was so welcoming and professional. I came away feeling super relaxed. Would highly recommend!